This drawing was made for Brett Barkley, he is the artist of the comic “Gutter Magic” and he proposed to all members of the Ten Ton Studio’s forum (a forum created by several artist like Aaron Kuder, Chris Burnham, Chris Chua, Doug Hills, Jason Baroody, Jason Masters, Jeremy Freeman, Khoi Pham, Kurt Christenson, Phil Hilliker, Reilly Brown, Scott St. Pierre, Steve Willhite, Nick Pitarra, Charles Paul Wilson III, David Newbold and William Grapes) to make a challenge about Gutter Magic characters and all the participants were published on a Trade Paperback of his comic that it was written by Rich Douek and published by IDW.

Ten Ton Studios was finally closed, there’s only a Facebook page, but Brett decided to continue doing drawing challenges and he created a forum in his website, if you are interested in participating everyone is welcome to do so.

This is the link to the forum

And this is the link to the weekly challenge!